my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Thursday, September 29, 2016

today i am ...

so this was actually an unfinished painting ... someone had done all the drawing, and all the grid marks were there, it just never made it to a painting stage. 

virabhadrasana I is a posture in which we acknowledge our own spiritual warrior who every day does battle with our ego ...

i used it specifically for this message because i feel that even when we are unfinished, even when we are a work in progress, in between, in the meantime, in the middle of the process ... whether we get delayed, sidetracked, or we stumble and lose our footing, while we are trying to get from here to there, we can still be thankful. we can still know that we are still blessed. valued. inspired. and loved.

you can't see it, only remnants of it. because when we focus on gratitude ... blessings ... inspirations ... values ... and love ... we no longer see the ego and its struggle to be anyplace else but where we are.

and wherever you are right now, in this moment, on this day, YOU are thankful and appreciated.  blessed.  valued.  inspired and an inspiration.  and above all, you are LOVED.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

i am

when something is killing your spirit
and you don't know how your legs will move you
because you feel so weak and it's as if you are standing by
watching it happen
and your attempts to stop it feel like when you're in a dream
the kind where you try to yell but your voice won't come out

and you need someone to wake you up
show you the truth
the reality
that it isn't dying underneath your smile
and behind your skin and bones
that you are safer than you think
that you aren't losing your soul

i am
where you are
i am
holding you from the inside out
i am
for you

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

i will

my heart beats in me
yet beats for you
my love lives in me
yet lives for you

your choices are yours to make
your journey is yours to travel
my hands are yours to hold
my arms 
yours to pile your bags on
or fall into
because whatever you choose
even if you're wrong
i will walk beside you
i will sleep inside you
i will cover you

and when the dust floats down around us
and the shrapnel lands on our skin
carving new reminders
i will peel off the debris
and wash it from your hair and all the places you are unaware of
that are numb 
or paralyzed 
or shivering with shock 
i will kiss away the new wounds and the old ones which are now reopened 
i will carry your weight
and the weight of all the others that you have forgotten to let go of 
i will pour love into your broken open crevices that feel to you like gaping canyons 
i will remind you of your you-ness
i will drink away your fears
i will sing your favorite words
i will breathe peace
into your spirit
until you remember how
to breathe it
on your own

Thursday, December 10, 2015

on this date

most of us have days in our life that we never forget;
dates on our timeline when our life changed undeniably ...
when something happened that made a difference in our life either positively or negatively.
most of us also have or have had at least one person we can name whose life changed our life in some way ... undeniably.  
sometimes both of these are connected;
maybe the date someone came into this world,
or maybe the date someone left. 
maybe the date of a union
or the date of a divide. 
i am blessed to be able to say that this date, december 9, is one of those dates on my timeline,
a date that i will never forget,
all because one person literally walked into my world
and although i didn't know it yet as it was happening,
my life would be completely changed for the better.  
i hope you will join me in celebrating
by honoring with gratitude
someone who made,
or still makes,
an undeniable difference
in your life.

Monday, November 30, 2015

love really can heal

when your light is dim
and your pieces are scattered all over the floor
when it hurts to move
and your bones cry out
and your tired fingers search for who you were
but you cannot see
and you can't put yourself back together
when your eyes ache
when your heart lies like dead weight in your chest
putting pressure on your ribs
and testing the strength of their cage

when you have lost your life

i will hold you until you come up for air
and then hold you longer
and longer still

i will kiss your lips
your forehead
your face
and i will nourish your soul

i will fill you
with faith

i will reseed your spirit
with hope

i will love you
to health
one breath
at a time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

the you i know

it is necessary to me that you know how i love you.
i love the you i know on the inside who doesn't put on any kind of act or wear any title.  it's just you.
sometimes vulnerable. 
sometimes uncertain. 
sometimes afraid. 
sometimes insecure.
i love YOU: all the parts of who you are and who you were born as. 
the innocence of my heart loves the innocence of yours. 
i love you most when you are brave enough to be honest with me, to be you and say whatever the truth is even when it hurts. it strengthens our bond because i honor your spirit and your true nature, your deepest self, and i am sorry that in the middle of your fear and in the midst of my tears it is probably impossible for either one of us to see that i am grateful.
i know it can be scary to be honest. i know people are often punished for being honest when they are asked to tell the truth.
it is not in my heart to punish you.
it is only in my heart to love you with all that i have. 
i believe that real love is big enough to heal what is hurting. 
and i never want you to be afraid with me ... to be afraid to be honest or to be afraid of a consequence. 
i don't love you with conditions. 
i don't love you with consequences. 
i love you
with my life.