my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Saturday, March 28, 2015

i will remind you ...

when the things going on around you
cause you to question
your path
i will remind you
to walk where love walks
to live where love lives
to speak as love speaks
to accept no substitutes
and to know
you are worth keeping 
i will not reject you or your truth
i will not judge you or your beliefs
i will not refuse to grow with you
when you grow in different directions 
i will
honor your voice
i will
encourage your courage
i will
pick up your strength
and lay it across you piece by piece
like a patchwork quilt,
when it slides off your shoulders
and crashes silently to the ground behind your footstep
when the things going on around you
cause you to question
your heart
i will remind you
my heart
looks like
your heart
and i will not
let it

Monday, March 23, 2015

inside out

i wish there were an inside out day. 
a day where we all show up inside out,
and instead of seeing one another's outsides 
we see everybody's insides.

instead of seeing how much work people are doing on their appearance, 
we see how much work they are doing on their soul. 

instead of seeing what we perceive as physically beautiful,
we see what is spiritually pure. 

instead of name brands and fashion trends that people are wearing,
we see callings that people are wearing 
... and and truths that are wearing people out.
instead of what kind of cars people are driving,
we see what kind of hurts are driving people away from love. 

instead of seeing what is safe, 
we see what is real. 

what society and cultures deem beautiful 
is different in every society and culture ...
what is pure and good, sacred and true,
is the same
in every society 
and culture.

it needs no demarcation.

love is the movement,
from the inside out.