my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

i just am.

not too long ago someone felt it necessary to remind me of how old i am and to tell me that i look, dress, and speak or make choices inappropriately for my age. i understood how this person, or any person, might feel that way. 

many people believe that their position in life or their religious affiliation, what they do or whom they worship, affords them the prerogative to judge, condemn, and to be right in doing so.

the older i get, the less interested i am, if at all, in what you do or have done. the less interested i am, if at all, in whom you worship. what i am interested in, completely, is who you are and how you live out or demonstrate whatever it is you call your faith. judgments don't bother me, they simply let me know who you are.

i admit that i have made mistakes in my life. and i know that everyone else has made some too. i admit that i have also made some stellar choices. and i know that everyone else has made some too.

i am grateful to be in my 40s.

i believe that things are not always right or wrong.
sometimes things just are.

and i am not seeking to be right, nor refusing to be wrong.
i just am.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

love and spirit

when your world is stormy
i feel your imbalance
your unintentional recklessness
and your uncertainty

and my own waters
are troubled 

when your heart is full
i feel your light
your conviction
your purpose
and my own world
is at peace

your turmoil streams underneath my skin
your serenity sleeps nestled in my chest

your fears gather at the back of my throat
your resolve rests gently at the nape of my neck 

your fight 
breathes anxiously in my core
your truth
lives transparently in love and spirit

in the love and spirit
which connects
my heart
to yours 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

honor your connections

i believe in the kind of connections that are made with the courage of vulnerability.
the baring of naked truths
and exposed souls
with no agenda.
the sharing of what we each hold sacred
yet at the same time long to let go of
so that we can watch someone else hold it the same way,
protecting it,
and honoring it,
all the while seeing directly into us
and unequivocally ...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

why i prioritize genuineness over happiness

i think more important than striving to be happy, is striving to be genuine. 
i think genuineness brings about happiness. 

there is a freedom that holds hands with authenticity,
and once we can live and love, 
genuinely and spiritedly,
i think happiness shows up,
no longer sought after,
just present. 

walk your journey with love and truth.
happiness finds its home in an authentic heart.