my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

love is the movement

i have come to terms with the fact that i have been an enabler for possibly my whole life. 

i have enabled people to hurt me
more than once 
and to think it's okay 
simply because i seem okay
or because i "make things" okay
and make excuses
and misplace pain
either to avoid conflict
or because somewhere along the way i was told or thought i must be at fault,
or both. 

i am no longer enabling others to walk across my soul with bitter tongue and careless feet. 

love guides me
with determination 
to make sense of things 
and to be open 
to understand and allow for growth 
it also guides me to draw the line and look out for my life
like a weight inside my body that leans me towards
and into
what is good for me
a compass that keeps me headed in the right direction. 

the only enabling i am willing to do now
is enabling myself
to follow love
and enable other lovers
to hold my hands.  

LOVE is the movement. 
walk with me ...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

YOU are the one to make it happen

one of the things i have learned is that we have the ability to write our own story. 
i want to encourage you not to be afraid to make things in your life become the way you want or need them to be for you. 
believe in your vision and know that you can see it come true. 
someone else's story that doesn't align with what you want to happen in yours? 
that's the other person's story. 
it is wise to learn from it, yet that doesn't make it your story. 
someone else's thoughts, beliefs, advice, and experiences don't become your roadmap or your destination. 
if you have sought and not found a template for your story, be courageous and create your own. 
if you need it, chances are someone else does too, or will, and then maybe yours will be there to help them through their own unchartered territory. 
and even if it is never a blueprint that anyone searches for, it will change the course of those whose lives come after yours. 
remember that it doesn't matter if you can't find anyone who has done things your way. 
what matters is that you can do it your way NOW. 
if you have a vision, believe in it. 
create it. 
if you need it, the world needs it. 
someone has to do it. 
why not you? 
if it is your vision, it is because YOU are the one to make it happen!