my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

i will

my heart beats in me
yet beats for you
my love lives in me
yet lives for you

your choices are yours to make
your journey is yours to travel
my hands are yours to hold
my arms 
yours to pile your bags on
or fall into
because whatever you choose
even if you're wrong
i will walk beside you
i will sleep inside you
i will cover you

and when the dust floats down around us
and the shrapnel lands on our skin
carving new reminders
i will peel off the debris
and wash it from your hair and all the places you are unaware of
that are numb 
or paralyzed 
or shivering with shock 
i will kiss away the new wounds and the old ones which are now reopened 
i will carry your weight
and the weight of all the others that you have forgotten to let go of 
i will pour love into your broken open crevices that feel to you like gaping canyons 
i will remind you of your you-ness
i will drink away your fears
i will sing your favorite words
i will breathe peace
into your spirit
until you remember how
to breathe it
on your own