my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Saturday, November 15, 2014

paying for my freedom

i have recently seen a video explaining the feelings and experiences of a child of divorce. the video is entitled (i think) “Letter from a Child of Divorce.” i know the experiences of the video are all too real, and they break my heart. they paralyzed me for a long time as i researched as much as i could get my hands on regarding the emotional intelligence of children and those going through divorce, and how to address the concerns/feelings/fears that children have, by going to the source and learning directly from the interviews and answers of children who have been through it. i was, and am, determined to counter every one of those issues and proactively meet those needs for my own children, so that they will not carry the pain and trauma that so many children do. i am writing to share my story in hopes of educating and inspiring people with proof that divorce does not have to equal disaster. it is the responsibility of us as parents. it is never ever the responsibility of our children. our children must remain our priority.
i’m honored to be featured as the Truthteller today at
i'm in good company with Panache Desai, don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, and 100s more.
what i've shared here is one small step in the process, and i have written and am writing follow up pieces to expound on this experience. … they will be coming soon and i hope you will read them. if not for you, maybe they will help someone you know.
i am also writing for Lightworkers World about this experience in terms of moving through difficult major life transitions with only love and lovingness in lieu of ego and competitive angles.
it really is possible
to do all things with LOVE

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