my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Thursday, January 16, 2014

words to awaken your heart ... and nourish your soul

while recently hanging out on the the website for Women For One, i discovered this awesome little book.  it is written by Jeff Brown, and it is called Ascending With Both Feet on the Ground.

every time i open it, i want to share at least some of the words, if not all.

it's a small book, with short passages on each page, but i cannot bring myself to read the whole thing from front to back because i don't want it to be over.

so i force myself to only read a few pages at a time.  putting it down.  picking it back up again.  putting it down.  picking it up.

luckily it is the kind of food for your soul, the kind that even if you re-read a page, it's either just as awesome as the first time you read it, or you might even read it or understand it in a different way, depending on what is going on that day, or possibly what you may have experienced or learned since the last time you read it.

this desire i have to share this book is too overwhelming to contain, so i have decided to share a little something from its glorious pages, every day, here on my blog.  

here is the start, and i will post a new one each day to the side bar on the right -->

in the future, feel free to click on the daily quote for more bites.  i promise they will be just as good as when they were posted.   -------->

please join me each day for a new little morsel ... some snack size awesomeness for your soul.

share the awesomeness and join jeff's movement "love it forward" 

there are little footprints similar to these, throughout the book. i thought it was fitting that i use this photo of my son's feet, which was taken one summer day after he had finished jumping and playing in a rain puddle 

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