my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Thursday, December 10, 2015

on this date

most of us have days in our life that we never forget;
dates on our timeline when our life changed undeniably ...
when something happened that made a difference in our life either positively or negatively.
most of us also have or have had at least one person we can name whose life changed our life in some way ... undeniably.  
sometimes both of these are connected;
maybe the date someone came into this world,
or maybe the date someone left. 
maybe the date of a union
or the date of a divide. 
i am blessed to be able to say that this date, december 9, is one of those dates on my timeline,
a date that i will never forget,
all because one person literally walked into my world
and although i didn't know it yet as it was happening,
my life would be completely changed for the better.  
i hope you will join me in celebrating
by honoring with gratitude
someone who made,
or still makes,
an undeniable difference
in your life.

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