my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

the you i know

it is necessary to me that you know how i love you.
i love the you i know on the inside who doesn't put on any kind of act or wear any title.  it's just you.
sometimes vulnerable. 
sometimes uncertain. 
sometimes afraid. 
sometimes insecure.
i love YOU: all the parts of who you are and who you were born as. 
the innocence of my heart loves the innocence of yours. 
i love you most when you are brave enough to be honest with me, to be you and say whatever the truth is even when it hurts. it strengthens our bond because i honor your spirit and your true nature, your deepest self, and i am sorry that in the middle of your fear and in the midst of my tears it is probably impossible for either one of us to see that i am grateful.
i know it can be scary to be honest. i know people are often punished for being honest when they are asked to tell the truth.
it is not in my heart to punish you.
it is only in my heart to love you with all that i have. 
i believe that real love is big enough to heal what is hurting. 
and i never want you to be afraid with me ... to be afraid to be honest or to be afraid of a consequence. 
i don't love you with conditions. 
i don't love you with consequences. 
i love you
with my life.

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