my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Sunday, March 3, 2013

love is letting go ...

i fell in love today.  

but this time it was different.  

i know, that's what people often say, but really ...  this time it is true … 

i walked into my closet and, just like every other time, fell in love with my shoes.

but as i stood there amongst all of my sole mates, 

i had a thought i never imagined i'd have:

i need to cut back.

whaaaat????  trust me, these words sounded awkward to me as well, and i shook my head to listen for them again, then looked around as if i might see them floating around me somewhere, like how tiny birds float around the head of a cartoon character when they get knocked out.  then i moved my tongue around inside my mouth to see if the words were in there.   but oddly, i just ended up feeling calm and in control of my emotions.  surrounded by the glory of color, shine, and high heels ...

i decided i should donate … half of my shoe supply.

after all, who needs more than 75 pairs of shoes anyway?  i only have two feet …

okay, so maybe that's not quite half.  maybe i'm in denial.  do i stick to half?  and keep more than the declared 75?  where did that number come from anyway?  who's to say that's the right number?  

or do i donate more than half and set 75-ish as my limit.

i digress.

the main thing here is, i stood there, slowly pivoting full circle, taking them all in, agreeing with myself to let go, and let goodwill …

don't ask me how i will decide which ones to say goodbye to.   

they say "love is letting go ..."

and i can only take so much true love in one day.

*sigh ...

p.s.  i am open to suggestions ...


  1. Hi! I love that you are doing this. I just love YOU, but you know that already...

    My suggestion is this, think about the shoes and where they have led you, could they lead someone else down a similar awesome path?

    All of them have some memory or adventure attached to them, send out for someone else's adventure.

    Think of who might wear them, some one on a job interview, a first date, an audition, an anniversary party, a wedding or even a funeral.

    You might even send them to someone else other than good will, like the local women's shelter, Hope House, or the Sunshine Lady House, there are even national organizations that could use them
    Dress for Success:
    ( )
    Prom Shop:
    ( )

    Just a few ideas, can't wait to hear what you decide!

    Love ya! xoxo Jenn

  2. thank you for this, jenn <3

    and thank you for the links!!

    i did think of those local organizations instead of goodwill :-) and i was glad to see that you and i thought alike about this :-)

    i'm going to check out the other places as well. i'll let you know! i'm actually excited about it, which is something i never thought i would feel or say!

    i love you!!