my heart looks like your heart

my heart looks like your heart

Thursday, September 13, 2012

choosing happiness

i will not allow my mistakes to define me.  what i will allow them to do, is teach me.

i will not be imprisoned by any past decision.  what i will be, is free to decide differently once more.

i have a hard enough time carrying in my groceries from the car ... i do not have enough room to juggle errors of my own or judgments of others.  much like the groceries, if goodness and healthy things are brought in, then goodness and healthy things will ... sit in the pantry untouched and uneaten by my children...  LOL

ok, but when we breathe in positivity, we breathe out happiness.

when we choose to carry around heaviness and negativity, we end up with bruised and broken wrists.  we are then unable to carry the lightest things of all:  love.  acceptance.  celebration.  gratitude ...

it is always a choice.  and i am too much of a rebel to let anyone else make that choice for me, dammit.

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